Hey Sporty Mommas!

I am so happy that you stopped by! Sporty Mommas is where style, inspiration, and mommas connect!  This is certainly not just a brand. This is a lifestyle that encourages moms everywhere to look good, feel good, and do their best at whatever they pursue.   I am here to remind you of your greatness and motivate you to keep it moving even when you don’t think you can!

As a busy momma of three, I know it is crucial that we, as mothers, have an outlet.  We spend most of our time engaged in making sure everyone else is taken care of; therefore, putting ourselves on the back burner.   There’s one thing that I know for sure, “If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”!

Stop by the Sporty Mommas boutique for fun tees and accessories that will keep you looking fabulous.  The latest collection “Be YOU, Be GREAT, be FABULOUS” was created with love to inspire you to just be yourself.  We often compare ourselves to other women instead of claiming our own greatness.  We spend too much time worrying about what others think or if we fit in (I’m so guilty). Girl, you were born to stand out!!!!


Sharonda Stewart,